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01. Write wanted location to searchbox and select the right one from dropdown menu.

02. Click select widget button.

03. Accept the terms and conditions.

04. Then and click "copy to clipboard" button to copy the code for placing the widget in your website.

The daily forecst widget will respond to the size of its container. current weather widget has the fixed size.

To ensure that the widget functions correctly, each widget should have a unique identifier (ID). Don't dublicate the widget code, instead create a new code for each widget.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team.

Available colour themes:

Changing color theme.

 Weather by Foreca  Weather by Foreca  Weather by Foreca  Weather by Foreca  Weather by Foreca  Weather by Foreca  Weather by Foreca

Dark theme

Weather by Foreca

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 Weather by Foreca